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Poole Piano Studio is the Top Rated Service in Weber and Davis County for Piano Instruction in the category of Most Popular Music Studio choice, and Best rated for 2011-2012.
Suzanne Poole is a Featured Teacher for the Wasatch Front on LessonRating.com. Suzanne has been teaching for 30 years. She is the Founder of Piano Mastermind, "Using Sight, Sound, Energy Efficiency and Mental Mastery in Piano Performance."  Suzanne is an author, clinician and director of Piano-Mastermind student acheivement program.

Check out her Blog at www.pianomastermind.com, and join the international Piano~Mastermind community on Facebook/pianomastermind!

What you are looking for is here. A result driven education that makes learning so incredibly fun it's addictive.

Our method is in the ancestry of teachers:
There are s
even generations of piano instruction between Ludvig Beethoven, Carl Czerny, Theodor Leschetizsky, Artur Schnabel, Leon Fleischer, Irene Peery-Fox and Suzanne Elizabeth Poole. Expert technique, applied physics, sight reading, muscle training, and the teaching of theory concepts have developed amazing results at the Poole Piano Studio.

"Practice made Perfect" means that you will learn how to take years off  your musical training and play circles around your friends.
Let the Poole Piano Studio teach you what "Practice made Perfect" means and show you what our training method can do for your pianist!

"Toccata by Khachutarian" Level 9 student

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to join your piano studio.  My girls are love, love, loving it!!!  You are amazing. I have not seen them so excited about piano in a long time.  Thank you!" ~ Staci Huffaker, parent.


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