Poole Piano Studio is the Top Rated Service in Ogden, Utah for Piano Instruction in the category of Most Popular Music studio choice, Best Rated for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. (Source: Thumbtack referrals.)   Suzanne Elizabeth Poole has been teaching for 30 years. 

We are located in Clinton, Utah. What you are looking for is HERE... a result driven Piano Method that makes learning so incredibly easy and fun it's addictive.  There are seven generations of teachers between Ludvig Beethoven and Suzanne Elizabeth Poole.

Students here at the Poole Piano Studio oftentimes are years ahead of their peers.  Why? Suzanne's Piano Mastermind method teaches pure technique, applied physics, sight reading, muscle training, and progressive difficulty of theory concepts. The entire Mastermind program can be completed in nine years or less. 

Poole Piano Studio

​Clinton, Utah,  U.S.A.


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Practice Made Perfect

Poole Piano Studio offers piano lessons to all ages, competition coaching theory and composition. 

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Brooke Grow and Emma Dredge, Bryan Brandley, Mason Wennergren.

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