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"Ethan has Loved his Piano lessons since day one! He practices now without being asked for 1-2 hours a day. You have given him new confidence and life to his musc.... he just LOVES you!  L.Hamblin"

Jennifer Lynn Walton reviewed Poole Piano Studio — 5 star
December 11, 2016 · 

If you want individually designed lessons that include the right amount of rigor than you have found the piano studio for you. Suzanne is a master teacher who can modify instruction for any level of student.

From Student Kalyn D.

"I have never met a person who I trusted before I met you. You have been like a mother to me for the short amount of time that we have known each other, hopefully continuing for a very long time.  There are no words that can describe how you make your students so happy. as someone who thinks that the world is falling apart, you came in and glued it back together with glitter glue ( I guess).  I can't think of anything to describe how much of a mother, Piano lessons teacher, and friend you have become in my life.  You don't just teach piano, you teach me about life and it's daily battles that we fight.   the world needs more people like you.  You are the light in the darkness of the world for us.  The studio is a room where all of our worries fall off of our shoulders as soon as we take steps into the beautiful room you created for people to learn.  You have provided us with a safe house that lets us be who we are.  A place where we take off the masks we hide behind and are able to feel welcomed.  The piano songs you give us are a chance to escape with music at home.  The guidance you provide is more than anyone could give in return.  Every day I look forward to going to piano because I know that you are there to help us along the way.  Thank you for all that you have done for us!"


Gregory Bench piano review:

Suzanne is an accomplished pianist and an expert at practicing, technique, expressing music, and, of course, instructing pianists. During my time studying with Suzanne, I learned how to practice the piano in order to improve technique, build hand strength, increase repertoire, and shape the sound of my music. Suzanne helped me perfect many piano pieces, which prepared me for many successful auditions and competitions. I even earned a piano scholarship at my university and it is definitely because Suzanne gave me a solid piano education. Poole Piano Studio is the perfect choice for anyone interested in playing the piano beautifully!


From Sammy W. 

​" I have Poole Piano Studio to thank for getting me from basic beginner to passionate performer. I learned everything from everything from the basics to advanced musical forms and in depth musical theory! I loved performing in musical trios and also in the many recitals. My favorite part though, was studying one on one with Suzanne. I was here a total of 10 years. I HIGHLY recommend this studio!!" 



Training artists one hour, one lesson, one life at a time is my idea of effective teaching. Lessons are cutting edge, structured, engaging, customized for each student and full of new ideas and motivation.

I only offer one on one lessons because the quality of your lesson can't compare if you are in a group. One on one time with an expert is the fastest way to become one.

I gear my lessons around the Piano-Mastermind curriculum I have written as well as the goals you have in mind. I also use the training I received from the 5 concert pianists I studied with to get where I am.

Every lesson contains what you need: sight reading, technical drills, music history, student choice music, memorization challenges and more.

You will learn to love learning again, I guarantee it.


  • Private Lessons (30, 45, 60 minute)
  • Referral Credits ($75.00 toward the next month)
  • Theory sessions (group lessons)
  • Listening Lab (ear training)
  • Recording sessions for students 
  • Custom studio recordings
  • Skype/Face time lessons